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Headband - Play Dirty, Stay Clean

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The N.1 ally of your skincare

A must-have accessory to protect your hair during your cleansing routine and while applying your daily skincare products. This soft, elastic hair band is suitable for all types of faces, and will help you keep your hair clean during your cleansing routine. Superbly comfortable and easy to wash, it’s also perfect while applying your foundation or make-up.

Use it to keep your hair off your face during your cleansing routine and all your skincare operations as required.

100% polyester

Skin and wellbeing boosters



Saponins are natural compounds that are chemically formed by sugar residues such as glucose, fructose or galactose bonding with a non-sugar molecule called an aglycone. Their distinctive structure is which gives saponins their cleansing and foaming properties, because the sugars are water soluble, while the aglycone is fat soluble.

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