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  • Naturally derived ingredients (96%)

  • Vegan Formula

  • Made in Italy

Intense face cleansing gel - Play Dirty, Stay Clean

200 ML

€ 12,00

Gel that cleanses and removes make-up from the face, eyes and lips without leaving any residue

DESIGNED FORAll skin types

Is your skin so dirty at the end of the day you think you might leave a face print on your towel? There’s no point fretting about it because it happens to everyone! 

Just make sure you choose the right face cleanser, because cleansing properly lays the foundations for healthy, glowing skin that stays in great shape.

This intense face cleansing gel harnesses the cleansing power of saponins, an active ingredient extracted from quillaia.
It perfectly removes make-up from the face, eyes and lips without leaving residue, while helping to keep the skin soft and clean.  

With its fresh, light, gel texture, it effectively removes all traces of impurities, sebum and make-up. It is kind to even the most delicate skin and does not burn the eyes.

Once it’s been cleansed, your skin will be smooth, clean and ready for you to apply your daily face cream or serum.

If you're looking for a face cleanser that can do the dirty work while also treating your skin like royalty then it’s your lucky day, because you’ve found it!

Take enough cleansing gel to rub into damp facial skin until it forms a light, soft lather, then rinse thoroughly.

Floral, delicate

Remember to recycle! Dispose of the packaging as follows:
Bottle: Plastic
Dispenser: Plastic

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Saponins are natural compounds that are chemically formed by sugar residues such as glucose, fructose or galactose bonding with a non-sugar molecule called an aglycone. Their distinctive structure is which gives saponins their cleansing and foaming properties, because the sugars are water soluble, while the aglycone is fat soluble.

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