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  • Made in Italy

Detox hydrating face cream refill - Not an Ordinary Rehab

50 ML

€ 17,00

Refill for the face cream with detoxifying action that gives hydration to the skin

DESIGNED FORAll skin types

When your favourite detoxifying and moisturizing face cream runs out, don’t worry.  Pop this refill into the glass jar: make the best choice for your skin and for the environment!

Need to recover from the frantic pace of everyday life? Relax! Stress is your worst enemy. Impurities, toxins and particulate matter pollution cause oxidative stress for the skin, making it look tired, worn and dull!  If that sounds like you, don’t worry, because Absurd is here to help, with a detoxifying and moisturizing face cream especially for you!

This special treatment aids the skin’s natural detoxifying process, thanks to the action of OXYGESKIN ®, a natural ingredient that goes to work on skin oxygenation mechanisms, and a blend of plant origin derived from shea butter that guarantees lasting softness. The formula also contains hyperfermented violets and blackcurrants, two natural ingredients with soothing, emollient and antioxidant properties. 
Regular application of this cream revives the expression and offers protection from blue light and digital stress, which cause oxidative stress. 

Scroll on down your phone or tablet without stressing your face, thanks to our detoxifying and moisturizing face cream, the perfect solution for you!

Apply in the morning, after cleansing, massaging until completely absorbed.

Floral, fruity

If you would like to be more sustainable by minimizing your consumption of resources, this is the product for you: this refill can be used with the glass jar. When your cream runs out, remove the plastic cup from the glass jar and dispose of it in accordance with the instructions. Keep the jar and pop this new refill cup into it.

Remember to recycle! Dispose of the packaging as follows:
Cup: Plastic
Seal: Aluminium
Box: Paper

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OXYGESKIN ® is a functional ingredient obtained from nasturtium flowers. It can reactivate the skin’s oxygenation mechanisms and play an invaluable role defending the skin from the oxidative stress caused by the blue light from tablets and smartphones. In addition, it helps to reinforce the skin barrier’s defences and keep the skin moisturized, for a more uniform, glowing complexion. R-Oxyblend products are formulated with this active ingredient.

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