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Dual-phase eye make-up remover - Play Dirty, Stay Clean

100 ML

€ 10,00

Two-phase solution to gently remove make-up from the eyes

DESIGNED FORSensitive skin

Is your skin sometimes so dirty you think you might leave a face print on your towel? There’s no point fretting about it because it happens to everyone! 

Just make sure you choose the right make-up remover for your face, because cleansing properly lays the foundations for healthy, glowing skin that stays in great shape. If you're looking for something to gently remove all traces of make-up - including waterproof products - from your eyes and lips, try the dual-phase eye make-up remover.

Thanks to its dual-phase formula, this make-up remover can thoroughly but delicately remove make-up from even the most sensitive eyes. The make-up removal capacity of the oil-based and water-based phases is boosted when they are emulsified, allowing them to flawlessly remove all kinds of make-up - even waterproof products - without leaving any residue or subjecting the most delicate areas to stress.

Say goodbye to burning eyes and mascara residue on your eyelashes thanks to the dual-phase eye make-up remover. Make all traces of make-up melt away in one quick step, leaving you with a fresh, clean and happy look in your eyes!

Due to its dual-phase formula, our dual-phase make-up remover must be shaken before use. As soon as the two phases are mixed together, pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and wipe it over your eyelids and eye contour area - as well as your lips if necessary - until all of the make-up has been removed.

Fragrance free

Remember to recycle! Dispose of the packaging as follows:

  • Bottle: Plastic
  • Cap: Plastic

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