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Nourish-Discovery Face&Body

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Discover the new nourishing combo for face and body care.

If you have dry skin and you didn’t know that your body needs skin nourishing cream just as much as your face, the time has come to find the right one for you. 

Food for Confidence nourishing face cream: the main nourishing effect is combined with moisturizing to make this a comprehensive, high-performance treatment for dry and damaged skin requiring repair.
The specially designed blend behind its nourishing and regenerating action balances plant oils and butters with exceptional adhesion to the skin without being sticky. HYDAGEN® AQUAPORIN gives the product a moisturizing effect, actively working to reduce water loss in the stratum corneum.

Food for Confidence nourishing body butter: the rich formula of this nourishing and moisturizing body butter uses the hygroscopic properties of vegetable glycerine to attract and bind to water, boosting the defences of the skin barrier and keeping dehydration at bay. In addition, the nourishing action of a special blend of cottonseed oil, hemp oil and shea butter leaves the skin soft and supple.

Use this nourishing combo after a bath or shower. 
Start with the nourishing face cream. Apply it to your face and rub it in until it’s fully absorbed.
Next, take the nourishing body butter and rub in as much as you like, for soft, fragrant skin.

Remember to recycle! Dispose of the packaging as follows.

Food for Confidence nourishing face cream
Jar: Glass
Lid: Plastic
Cup: Plastic
Seal: Aluminium
Box: Card

Food for Confidence nourishing body butter
Jar: Plastic
Seal: Aluminium
Lid: Plastic
Seal: Plastic

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