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  • Made in Italy

  • Vegan Formula

Rebalancing face cream refill - Anti-Grease Panic

50 ML

€ 17,00

Refill for the rebalancing face cream that hydrates the skin without making it look shiny

DESIGNED FORCombination and oily skin

When your favourite rebalancing face cream runs out, don’t worry. Pop this refill into the glass jar: make the best choice for your skin and for the environment!

If your skin’s as greasy as your favourite fries, there’s no need to panic. First of all, remember that a little sebum is normal, and even healthy for your skin. When the balance is right, it plays an essential role by protecting the skin barrier and helping to preserve the skin’s hydrolipid balance. However, too much tends to make the skin shiny and oily, increasing the likelihood of whiteheads and blackheads.

But don’t panic: this rebalancing face cream has been studied to respond to the needs of combination and oily skin, guaranteeing moisturizing and instant freshness, without leaving the skin feeling heavy and looking shiny. The formula with PENTAVITIN ® contains a highly effecting skin moisturizing factor able to retain water in the epidermis without thickening the skin and making it shiny. In addition, the hyperfermented grapefruit and white willow extract perform an astringent, purifying and detoxifying action.

Each application of this special moisturizing and balancing face cream guarantees perfectly moisturized skin and a glowing, matt complexion.

PENTAVITIN ® is a trademark of DSM

Apply in the morning, after cleansing, massaging until completely absorbed.

Avoid the eye contour area.
Avoid the sun immediately after applying the product; use sunscreen during exposure to the sun. 

Citrus notes, aromatic

If you would like to be more sustainable by minimizing your consumption of resources, this is the product for you: this refill can be used with the glass jar. When your cream runs out, remove the plastic cup from the glass jar and dispose of it in accordance with the instructions. Keep the jar and pop this new refill cup into it.

Remember to recycle! Dispose of the packaging as follows:
Cup: Plastic
Seal: Aluminium
Box: Paper

Just don't grease-panic!

Much more than a toner

Much more than a toner

It is the targeted treatment that concentrates its active action against imperfections and shine in a liquid texture.

Localized use vs. all over face

Localized use vs. all over face

Use it when needed as a localized treatment to reset porosity and pimples or on the whole face to take advantage of its mattifying effect.

The cream sidekick

The cream sidekick

Ideal as a primer for face cream to maximize its rebalancing and mattifying effectiveness.

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