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  • Vegan Formula

  • Made in Italy

  • Naturally derived ingredients (99%)

Intense micellar water - Play Dirty, Stay Clean

200 ML

€ 12,00

Ultra cleansing micellar water rich in moisturizing and protective active ingredients

DESIGNED FORAll skin types

Is your skin sometimes so dirty you think you might leave a face print on your towel? There’s no point fretting about it because it happens to everyone!

Just make sure you choose the right make-up remover for your face, because cleansing properly lays the foundations for healthy, glowing skin that stays in great shape. Effectively remove every single trace of make-up from your face with the intense micellar water!

Thanks to the exceptional cleansing offered by this micellar water, in one quick step you can perfectly remove make-up from your face, eyes and lips without leaving any traces. In addition, its formula is packed with moisturizing and protective active ingredients that create a pleasant feeling of comfort and well-being in the skin, such as betaine.

If you’ve always thought that micellar water wasn’t enough for effective make-up removal, prepare for a surprise! Try our intense micellar water and you’ll soon see that removing your make-up couldn’t be easier.

Pour a little micellar water onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face to remove impurities, sebum and traces of make-up. 
There’s no need to rinse.

Fragrance Free

Remember to recycle! Dispose of the packaging as follows:

  • Bottle: Plastic
  • Cap: Plastic

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Betaine is an amino acid that’s very widespread in the natural world. It can be obtained as a by-product of sugar beet processing. It is a very useful ingredient in skincare because it has outstanding protective, moisturizing and moisture-retaining properties in skin. It enhances the integrity of the skin barrier and protects it from dehydration. H-Betactive products are formulated with this active ingredient.

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