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Full Hydro Care Kit

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Discover the new moisturizing routine for all-round face care with targeted action.

DESIGNED FORAll skin types

Moisturizing is a basic need for everyone, regardless of their skin type. If you don’t have a moisturizing routine yet, perhaps because you think it isn’t necessary with your skin type, it’s time to put things right! 

Quench Your Thirst moisturizing face serum: this powerful product has exceptional moisturizing and antioxidant properties and a light, liquid gel texture that is absorbed immediately, thus enabling faster diffusion of its functional ingredients. 
A prominent place among the latter goes to Hydagen® Aquaporin, a blend that gives long-lasting moisturizing and helps to strengthen the skin barrier.

Quench Your Thirst moisturizing face cream: this moisturizing booster offers instant comfort and freshness for the skin, leaving it soft, plumper and regenerated thanks to a formula containing PENTAVITIN®, a natural complex with an exceptional moisturizing action.

Quench Your Thirst moisturizing eye contour cream: this targeted treatment combines HYDAGEN® AQUAPORIN and Tocopherol to moisturize the delicate eye contour area, leaving it refreshed and restored.

Start the routine straight after you finish cleansing in the morning and at night. 
Begin by applying a generous amount of the moisturizing serum to your face. Pat it gently with your fingers and wait a few minutes until it’s fully absorbed. 
Next, rub in the moisturizing cream until it is fully absorbed.
Finally, take the eye contour cream and gently pat a small amount of it into the area around your eyes and eyelids until it is absorbed. 

Remember to recycle! Dispose of the packaging as follows.

Quench Your Thirst moisturizing face serum
Bottle: Glass
Dispenser: Plastic
Cap: Plastic
Box: Card

Quench Your Thirst moisturizing face cream
Jar: Glass
Lid: Plastic
Cup: Plastic
Seal: Aluminium
Box: Card

Quench Your Thirst moisturizing eye contour cream
Tube: Plastic
Cap: Plastic
Box: Card

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