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  • Made in Italy

Detox cleanser and make-up remover - Not an Ordinary Rehab


€ 14,00

Bar of soap formulated with detoxifying active ingredients to cleanse and remove make-up from the face

DESIGNED FORAll skin types

Need to take a break from the frantic pace of daily life? Relax! Stress is your worst enemy. Impurities, toxins and particulate matter pollution cause oxidative stress for the skin, making it look tired and dull. 

This soap bar is formulated with gentle surfactants and vegetable glycerin, able to hold in water and help maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels. The formula also contains sweet almond oil and peach blossom extract to help keep the skin soft and silky, performing a detoxifying and anti-pollution action.

The formula is enriched with violet and blackcurrant phytocomplexes, boosted by hyperfermentation, which enzymatically activates the natural ingredients, increasing their bioavailability and significantly boosting their efficacy. 

For daily face cleansing, massage into wet skin and work up a lather, then rinse. To remove make-up, massage into wet skin until the make-up has been removed completely, including around the eyes, then rinse with warm water.

Remember to recycle! Dispose of the packaging as follows:

Box: Paper

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€ 14,00